Welcome to the West Byron Urban Land Release Area website.

The West Byron Urban Land Release Area is a site located 2.5 km west of Byron Bay. We recognize that West Byron is a significant parcel of land for the Byron Shire community and the Region. It is also the last remaining residential release area available for housing in Byron.

The first West Byron Development Application Exhibition was submitted to Byron Shire Council late 2017 and put on exhibition from 14 December 2017 until 29 March 2018. The West Byron Development Application (DA) applied for the lands (approximately 58 hectares) to be subdivided into 31 hectares zoned for conservation and 27 hectares to be zoned for low – and medium- density housing, light industrial and a neighbourhood centre.

No decision was made following this first Exhibition of the DA. Council sort further assessments and information of Byron Bay Landowners Association (BBWLA)and this was provided to Council in mid-2018. The delay in feedback lead BBWLA to seek Conciliation with Council but no agreement was reached. Council subsequently referred the DA to Joint Regional Planning Panel who then rejected the DA in February 2019. Since then BBWLA was requested to once again provide further evidence to support their DA. An Amended DA was submitted to Council and placed on exhibition starting the 11th of March 2020 for 4 weeks but extended by Council for an additional 4 weeks.

Currently the Council and BBWLA are before the Land & Environment Court about the DA Application.


• If the DA is accepted, the process will require submission of Construction Certificates before the subdivision construction can occur, manage the construction of various stages of the release area and register the subdivisions.
• It is expected that LAND WILL BE RELEASED FOR SALE by the landholders in accordance with the determination of the Court.
• Unfortunately we cannot provide any more information at this time but please continue to register your interest in the West Byron Urban Release Project.