The Planning Process (in summary)

In February 2015, the NSW Department of Planning and Environment announced that they would be delegating the development of the detailed Development Control Plan (DCP) for West Byron back to Byron Shire Council. The NSW Department of Planning was originally intended to be the approving body.

The West Byron landowners are supportive of the change to give Byron Shire Council greater involvement in the detailed design for West Byron and will provide all appropriate support to Council.

The planning process for the development of the West Byron urban land release area was always going to be a staged process. In summary the planning for the development of the West Byron urban land release area is happening in 3 stages:

1 State Significant Site Study Process

The study included a focus on environmental and technical factors, community and other stakeholders providing feedback on their hopes and concerns, consideration of other local and regional strategies and planning and urban design elements. The studies undertaken and their focus are highlighted in the section Current Status. For background information on the study please read the background report.

2 Design and Development of shared infrastructure master plan including road design, servicing strategies and super lot layouts etc.

This is intended to ensure that all properties in the West Byron Project work together in a unified servicing strategy.


If the DA for Shared Infrastructure Design is accepted, Byron Bay Landowners Association will then submit for Construction Certificates, manage the construction of shared infrastructure and register the subdivisions.

3. Sale of land 

Individual owners to prepare their own Development Applications for their respective properties. Owners can release land in accordance with their own time frames and the market segments that they are targeting.

Please also review the Planning Process (in detail) for further information.