Feedback in 2015-16

There has been no consultation with the community in the development of the shared infrastructure design. This was a technical phase for the project and the work  carried out was based on the feedback already received.

Council is responsible for the public exhibition of these documents. It is likely that these documents will be on exhibition late in 2016.

The West Byron Urban Release Area Development Control Plan (DCP) was delegated to Council by the Department of Planning & Environment in February 2016. Prior to this the first draft plan was on public exhibition from 22 October 2015 to 4 December 2015. It was again publicly exhibited in October 2015 for six weeks by the Council. We understand that Council will discuss the submissions received from the community when it considers the DCP at its meeting in August, 2016.

Feedback sought in 2014

Feedback was sought on the Exhibition of Draft Zoning Plan, Draft Development Control Plan and Draft Voluntary Planning Agreement.

The rezoning proposal was available for viewing and comment between November 2013 and January 2014 on the Department of Planning and Infrastructure’s website. Hard copies of the proposal were also available for viewing at these locations:

  • Department of Planning & Infrastructure, Information Centre, 23-33 Bridge Street, Sydney
  • Department of Planning & Infrastructure (Grafton Office), Level 3, 49 Victoria Street, Grafton
  • Byron Shire Council, 70–90 Station Street, Mullumbimby
  • Byron Bay Library, Corner of Lawson and Fletcher Streets, Byron Bay.

Feedback received in 2011

The Department of Planning and Infrastructure managed the feedback and submission process for the proposed zoning plan. There were 245 submissions in support of the proposal, 7 conditional support, 119 objections, and 12 general comments.

The main objections were:

  • The need to resolve existing traffic problems before any more development;
  • The likely number of dwellings;
  • Potential environmental impacts;
  • Potential flooding impacts;
  • Conflict between future West Byron residents and odour from the adjoining chicken abattoir.

The main issues in support related to the social and economic benefits of additional housing supply:

  • Relief on house prices and rents;
  • An opportunity for local residents to be able to build a house and stay in the area;
  • Wider choice in the type of housing available;
  • An opportunity for employees and employers to live in Byron Bay rather than commute to work from other towns in the region;
  • Stimulus to building trades and services, and the economy generally.

We thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback and ideas. If you would like to continue to receive information as the study progresses, please register your details by clicking here. All personal information provided has been treated as strictly confidential

Feedback received in 2010

At the initial phase we wanted to ensure that we collected all of the local information as well as had an understanding of community and government agency hopes, views and concerns. The community was encouraged to comment on this planning study by completing a short questionnaire. We then sought your comments on the proposed Land Uses Plan. A feedback form was provided from 12th October 2010 to 23rd November, 2010.

All of your feedback was gathered and analysed. Some of the feedback and issues were only noted as they were not relevant to the current stage of the planning process. A detailed version of these comments and the responses are provided in this attachment.

All of this information was documented in a Stakeholder Engagement Report that was submitted to the Department of Planning and available to the general public along with the other technical documents. Please view these in the Document Library of this website.