Stakeholder Engagement

The Byron Bay West Landowners Association is committed to sharing of information and seeking feedback from the community as well as government agencies and other interested stakeholders, at key points in the project.

Our information and feedback activities are guided by the following Stakeholder Engagement Principles

Inclusiveness Seek out the views from a wide range of stakeholders and ensure barriers to effective participation are addressed. Build relationships: with both existing and new stakeholders and future consumers/buyers.
Candour Be comprehensive: consider every issue. Build trust: create an environment where different opinions are welcome. Be candid: disclose agenda, assumptions, goals and boundaries.
Relevance Make it relevant: focus on issues of greatest importance. Share knowledge: provide access to pertinent knowledge, where it is appropriate. Be timely: engage when it can influence actions.
Learning Uncover new perspectives: seek mutual understanding and identify. Focus on the future: emphasise on what can be done.
Action Act on results: apply learning to improve zoning planning. Provide evidence: show stakeholders how results will be used.

The community and other stakeholders will be kept informed and we will seek feedback through a range of activities. These include:

  • Newsletters and/or fact sheets – at key points in the project.
  • Information via the local media – throughout the study.
  • Meetings with key community associations and other key stakeholders during the various phases of the study.
  • Feedback form – to tap into local knowledge, ideas, hopes and concerns in the initial phase of the project.
  • An information package/feedback form – in the later phase of the study when we have developed the recommended preferred option.
  • Displays at key locations – in the later phase of the study.

We will be monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of our communication and feedback activities to ensure:

  • Our communications are clear, factual and timely.
  • We are receiving feedback from a wide range of community members and other stakeholders.
  • We have collected all the relevant local data to inform the study.
  • Our team of consultants are acknowledging the feedback received with integrity.