About The Project

The West Byron Urban Land Release Area was originally a 108 hectare site located 2.5 kilometres west of Byron Bay. However ‘West Byron’ now refers to only 58 hectares of this site. These 58 hectares are owned by the Byron Bay West Landowners Association (BBWLA). This land has been identified as a potential urban land release area for about 25 years.

BBWLA’s proposal for West Byron:

  • Rezoning the site for housing (52%), conservation (37%), light industrial (7%), and community uses.
  • Low density housing (41%) with some medium density housing (11%) in the centre, clustered around the park and shops. Smaller lots would cater to the young, elderly or single wanting to get a foothold in the housing market.
  • A vibrant community with parks, cycle ways, large conservation areas and neighbourhood facilities. There will not be a shopping centre, but the neighbourhood shops would provide daily essentials within walking distance.
  • Extensive and attractive vegetation buffers along Ewingsdale Road would ensure West Byron residents retained their village feel and privacy and the entry into Byron remains appealing.
  • Over 30% of the site to be rehabilitated under environmental protection zoning, protecting and expanding habitat areas.
  • Detailed and expert plans to protect and improve the health of the Belongil Estuary.
  • BBWLA to pay financial contributions to improve roads as required by Council’s Section 94 plan.
  • Additionally, BBWLA to offer more than $6 million funding to help improve the town centre road network under a Voluntary Planning Agreement.
  • The West Byron development proposed to fund construction of roundabouts and other works on Ewingsdale Road, and will provide a funding stream for major works in the town centre.
  • Following earlier community consultation, an entire urban precinct was removed from the plan to allow for additional revegetation and conservation zoning.
  • A 20-year plan. Housing and employment industry will come on line gradually, as would increases in population and traffic.