About The Project

The West Byron Urban Land Release Area is a 108 hectare site located 2.5 kilometres west of Byron Bay. Most of this land is owned by the Byron Bay West Landowners Association (BBWLA). This land has been identified as a potential urban land release area for about 25 years.

BBWLA’s proposal for West Byron:

  • Rezoning the site for housing (52%), conservation (37%), light industrial (7%), and community uses.
  • Low density housing (41%) with some medium density housing (11%) in the centre, clustered around the park and shops. Smaller lots would cater to the young, elderly or single wanting to get a foothold in the housing market.
  • A vibrant community with parks, cycle ways, large conservation areas and neighbourhood facilities. There will not be a shopping centre, but the neighbourhood shops would provide daily essentials within walking distance.
  • Extensive and attractive vegetation buffers along Ewingsdale Road would ensure West Byron residents retained their village feel and privacy and the entry into Byron remains appealing.
  • Over 30% of the site to be rehabilitated under environmental protection zoning, protecting and expanding habitat areas.
  • Detailed and expert plans to protect and improve the health of the Belongil Estuary.
  • BBWLA to pay financial contributions to improve roads as required by Council’s Section 94 plan.
  • Additionally, BBWLA to offer more than $6 million funding to help improve the town centre road network under a Voluntary Planning Agreement.
  • The West Byron development proposed to fund construction of roundabouts and other works on Ewingsdale Road, and will provide a funding stream for major works in the town centre.
  • Following earlier community consultation, an entire urban precinct was removed from the plan to allow for additional revegetation and conservation zoning.
  • A 20-year plan. Housing and employment industry will come on line gradually, as would increases in population and traffic.