The Byron Bay Landowners Association (BBWLA) is made up of owners of the lands at West Byron. The original group of landowners that commenced the rezoning process in 2009 comprised largely of individuals who had lived in the area and had raised families here.

There has been a change of landownership of some of the land since the planning process commenced. The commitment of BBWLA to developing the land in recognition of the issues of concern to the Byron community and its visitors and the positive impact that the development could have on the housing supply in Byron is still a high priority to all current landowners of BBWLA.

We have put together a highly professional team to help shape our proposal and manage the planning process.

We, the current owners, recognise that the West Byron Urban Land Release Area is a significant parcel of land for the Byron Shire community and the Region. We understand that the development of this land must consider the existing and future needs and aspirations of the community and other stakeholders.

The aims of our planning and development are:

  • To undertake all the environmental and other technical investigations as identified by the Department of Planning requirements.
  • To adopt a community engagement approach that effectively captures local information and views from a wide range of community members and stakeholders that can be considered as part of these investigations.
  • To deliver a range of residential, conservation, open space and other land uses based on design excellence and sustainability, compatible with the character of the region.

We aim to adhere to the following principles the planning and development of the land:

  1. Respect and respond to the natural environment of the land and surrounding areas and the existing character of the Byron Shire.
  2. Seek information and feedback from the community and other stakeholders, in relation to their needs, concerns and hopes for West Byron.
  3. Be commercially sound, responsive to the market and utilise the Land efficiently and endeavor, as far as possible and appropriate, to support the economic growth of the local industry and community.
  4. Design and develop a natural and built environment at West Byron, which incorporates innovation and sustainability.
  5. Deliver to the community a development that provides a balance between economic, social and environmental needs and of which we and the Byron community can be proud.