Welcome to the West Byron Urban Land Release Area website.

The West Byron Urban Land Release Area is a site located 2.5 km west of Byron Bay. We recognize that West Byron is a significant parcel of land for the Byron Shire community and the Region. It is the last remaining residential release area available for housing in Byron.


Over the last 18 months the project team has been working on the infrastructure design for West Byron. This phase is largely technical.  The Development Application for Shared Infrastructure Design and various plans have been underway during 2016 and will be submitted to Byron Shire Council in late 2016For more information please go to Current Status on this website.


  • Council is responsible for the public exhibition of these documents. It is likely that these documents will be on exhibition late in 2016.
  • The West Byron Urban Release Area Development Control Plan (DCP) was delegated to Council by the Department of Planning & Environment in February 2016. Prior to this the first draft plan was on public exhibition from 22 October 2015 to 4 December 2015. It was again publicly exhibited in October 2015 for six weeks by the Council. We understand that Council will discuss the submissions received from the community when it considers the DCP at its meeting in August, 2016.
  • If the DA for Shared Infrastructure Design is accepted by Council following the public exhibition later this year, Byron Bay Landowners Association will then submit for Construction Certificates, manage the construction of shared infrastructure and register the subdivisions.
  • Each landowner will submit Development Applications for their landholdings according to their own time frames.
  • It is expected that LAND WILL BE RELEASED FOR SALE by each landholder dependant upon Council’s approval of each landholder’s Development Applications.

Please note that further updates will be provided on this website.