Welcome to the West Byron Urban Land Release Area website.

The West Byron Urban Land Release Area is a site located 2.5 km west of Byron Bay. We recognize that West Byron is a significant parcel of land for the Byron Shire community and the Region. It is also the last remaining residential release area available for housing in Byron.

West Byron Development Application Exhibition – Extended to 29 March 2018

The “West Byron” Development Application (DA) was submitted to Byron Shire Council late 2017 and put on exhibition from 14 December 2017.  The original closing date for submissions was 7 February 2018. The date has now been extended with submissions being accepted until 29 March 2018.

The West Byron DA applies for the lands (approximately 58 hectares) to be subdivided into 31 hectares zoned for conservation and 27 hectares to be zoned for low – and medium- density housing, light industrial and a neighbourhood centre.

The DA relevant to these lands is 10.2017.661.1

The documents can be found by copying the following link into your browser:


Email Byron Shire Council at submissions@byron.nsw.gov.au

There is also another DA on Exhibition known as Harvest Estate.  This Development Application is: 10.2017.201.1 – and has also been extended to 29 March 2018.

The lands that were originally owned by Crighton Properties and then acquired by Terry Agnew are no longer part of the West Byron project. What is now known as The Harvest Estate is being managed by [QLD construction company] VillaWorld, in a joint venture arrangement with NSPT Pty Ltd and is not part of “West Byron”.

Submissions should also be clearly marked with the correct DA numbers.


  • Once all submissions are received Council is responsible for the collation of these submissions and seeking responses from the West Byron team of consultants. The time frame for this part of the process will be advised.
  • If the DA for Shared Infrastructure Design is accepted by Council, Byron Bay Landowners Association will then submit for Construction Certificates, manage the construction of shared infrastructure and register the subdivisions.
  • Each landowner will submit Development Applications for their landholdings according to their own time frames.
  • It is expected that LAND WILL BE RELEASED FOR SALE by each landholder dependant upon Council’s approval of each landholder’s Development Applications.

Please note that further updates will be provided on this website.